About My pH11+
1.   Why pH Balance Is Important
Virtually all health conditions are associated with acidity in the body. (low pH)  The body has a homeostatic mechanism that maintains a range between 7.35 – 7.45 pH in the blood.  This mechanism works by depositing and withdrawing acid and alkaline minerals from other locations in the body including the bones, soft tissues, body fluids and saliva. pH levels have a significant correlation to challenges to your overall health.
Essentially every function of the body is dependent on our body's ability to maintain a precisely balanced pH in the blood. Many critical body systems are dependent on this balance as well.  One key system, for example, is the enzyme system. This critical system (along with all electrical functions of our body), is dependent on electrolytes – and electrolyte levels are dependent on pH. Without proper pH levels, it is difficult for the cells to incorporate the necessary nutrients and energy for good health. This potentially leads first, to weakened cells, then to weakened tissue and finally, the function of the organs themselves can be impacted (influenced).
This situation becomes more serious as the body's systems, once affected, begin to leave the body open to 'invaders' of all types. It has been stated that poor health most often begins after our pH balance is impacted due to an inadequate supply of minerals - especially electrolyte minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Most elements of the body have a very definite pH range.  Changes in pH levels do not have to be significant before having an effect on chemical reactions both within and outside the cell.
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2.   You Can Boost Your Body pH
Helping the body raise its pH level is the goal of many specialty diets – and often require much work. Many high alkaline foods and diets are only available with great expense and effort.  Yet the claim of the alternative health industry is that when the body pH can be raised, health benefits are experienced and the body's own ability to regenerate itself is strengthened.  My pH11+ provides a new method to raise body PH levels.
3.   How My pH11+ Works
The human body produces acid for digestion.  For every drop of acid that it produces it also produces an equal amount of alkaline.  This process is designed to maintain a pH as close to 7.0 (Neutral value) as possible in the entire body, excluding blood.  The blood pH has to be maintained at 7.35 to 7.45.  When too acid, the body will do everything it can to re-establish that optimum blood pH level, including robbing tissue and bone mass of nutrition to supplement its need for alkalinity.
When My pH11+ is ingested, it dramatically dilutes the acid in the stomach, triggering the body’s mechanism for producing more acid and also more alkaline. The resulting combination of the pH-11-induced alkaline solution together with the body’s newly produced alkaline, creates a powerful boost to body pH and to the body’s potential for sustaining optimal health.  A properly pH-balanced body enables the immune system to effectively combat foreign invasions and maintain a healthy system. No known harmful elements can survive in the human body with a pH near 7.0.
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4.   Dietary Health Trap
Today's eating patterns have created a deadly acidic trap – one that 100’s of millions of unsuspecting people are falling into!  A careful look at our diets reveals the ugly truth that our eating and life patterns are creating excessive acidity in our bodies.  The cumulative damage to our health in time may be irreversible.
Our bodies are silently screaming for help.  Normally, this amazingly complex and amazing creation (our body) is designed maintain a healthy, energetic, and long life - and is also capable of maintaining optimal health itself ON ITS OWN.  However, this ability for health and health is being compromised by our own actions – as our acidic diets, stress filled lives, and harmful stimulants destroy the inner "terrain" of our body.  The long term result of our life choices is often an imbalance in our body pH levels.
5.   My pH11+ To The Rescue
The answer to years of abuse to the body normally does not come very easily.  Changing lifelong habits is difficult for many – and it may be too late and / or very expensive.  HOWEVER, My pH11+ does offer a RESCUE!!! This amazing dietary supplement will QUICKLY boost the body PH levels when correctly and consistently applied – helping the body’s own immune and health maintaining systems.
My pH11+ was created and introduced to the International market in 2006. This dietary supplement consists of a proprietary mix of ingredients that consist of natural mineral salts and water - that assist the human body in establishing an optimal pH balance.
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6.   Benefits Of Balanced pH
It has been shown that a balanced pH can have beneficial results in the following ways:
           - Healthy oxygen flow to tissues which aid in the flushing of toxins from the body.
           - Proper fat metabolism and insulin production
           - Maintain blood pressure already within normal ranges
           - Maintain supporting blood flow throughout arteries, veins, and heart tissue.
           - Critical lipid, fatty acid and hormonal metabolism
           - Cellular regeneration and RNA-DNA synthesis
           - Proper electrolyte activity
           - Proper calcium utilization in the body
7.   What Separates My pH11+ from Other Alkaline Supplements
                              ***The My pH-11+ Factor...***
Our pH-11 proprietary formula enables the body to induce the higher levels of alkalinity (My pH-11 has a pH factor of approximately 11, equaling 10,000 times the neutral level of 7.0) and will not disrupt the body's normal balanced pH-producing functions.  Effectively, My pH11+ causes the body to naturally produce additional amounts of alkaline and results in a mega dose pH boost.
8.   Help Your Body Raise Its pH Level
You can now fight back by giving your body the help it needs to raise its pH level, thereby boosting its potential for health.
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9.   3 Years Of Experience
The radical boost to the body pH system has been witnessed many times over the last 3 years.  During this time My pH11+ has been utilized by many in Africa – and the testimonies are dramatic.  In multiplied cases over a broad range of individuals, users of My pH11+ have experienced significant health benefits from better body(ph) balance.
10. Helping Your Body Do the Healing
The body will do the work it was created to do and be healthy.  BUT, we must in effect "tend the garden" and give our body what it needs to be balanced and strong.  Better Body(ph) Balance by My pH11+ is a powerful way to meet your body's critical inner needs. 
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